Tuesday, June 12

so, on today's list of things to do ( and then some)

assemble Licorice pocket bag
assemble Sonnet Pocket Bag
assemble ITE 4 bag
FELT all 3
go to JoAnns / Michaels
find hardware & zip for Spring Felted Bag
assemble it
find book & stitchmarker swap i thought i mailed
mail them along with other stitch marker swaps
by 14th
mail tea swap
mail all stitch marker swaps
on the 19th
mail spring bag swap
mail ITE 4
mail WhoDuKnit BOTTLE
mail Whenever Bottle
that resolves all the swaps except the
dishcloth on KnitExchange
and the May WhoDuKnit
then i gotta graph the sox / stock
for whenever
yarn SHOULD arrive on the 19th
then i start knitting them up

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