Wednesday, August 27


i ended up with 18 days off in a row
been doing the "Domestic Goddess" thing
got my room semi organized
cleaned the bathroom
cleaned the car
need to wash the exterior
buy carpet cleaner for the seats & carpets
cleaned the kitchen
mopped the floor
vacuumed the house
laundry is done, folded AND put away
washed a bunch of panty hose
need to
clean out & organize the bathroom closet
buy more book cases & bins to organize the rest
of the stuff in the bedroom
get rid of some stuff
use the treadmill
finish Nancy's Sox
finish Nikki's Bagettede-clutter some more
come up with an idea for the
Whenever Stock & Sox
knit Maddy's Stocking
send stocking & baby banket to Maddy
mail postcards i bought for the munchkins
alphabetize the CD's
re-do the iPod

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