Sunday, January 8


sleeves are wrong too - start w/13 st - increase by 2 & end up w/50 - should end up w/51

OR is it start w/12 - increase by 2 & end up with 50 so you can do a K2P2 rib??
to acheive a K2P2 rib, the body & cuff have to be divisible by 4

so NOW i have to do the math for the ENTIRE sweater

gonna cast on w/ # 11 so neck is loose - knit the neck on size 10 1/2 & switch to size 13
for the body

in the pic on the pattern, it looks like the sleeves are not the same legnth

and the POINT of buying the pattern was to avoid having to "DO THE MATH" and figure everything for myself - wasted the $5.95 for nothing

so, now i guess i have to call Nancy Wild & hopefully - NOT wake her up so that she can review the pattern & basically FIX the numbers
anyone that bought this pattern deserves a REFUND!!

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