Sunday, January 8

my brain hurts!

so after much ruminating
i used 3timesChic for the last sweater - i LOVE the way it fits - i want to use the same yarn & make the raglan turtleneck ~~ i made the size 44
since it was knit flat, i know i need to make some adjustments for knitting the next one in the round - number of stitches for the back & front is 67 x 2 = 134 - i know i will have to take off 1 per side seam for front AND back = 134 - 4 = 130 stitches
since it has a K2P2 rib, it needs to be divisible by 4 so body count has to be 128 or 132 - turtleneck pattern has a body stitch count of 128
sleeves are 54 st at the widest point - minus 2 stitches for the sides - 54 - 2 = 52 - wrist of sleeve has co of 30 - minus the 2 edge stitches so 30 - 2 = 28 cast on
which is divisible by 4 for the ribbing & 52 at the widest point of the sleeve - turtleneck has 50 sleeve stitches ending in 28 stitches at the cuff
the numbers of the stitches is ok, it’s just the increases that don’t add up to the correct numbers ~ NOW i have to do the math to get from where i am supposed to start to where i am supposed to end AND change the increases to a more invisible increase

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