Tuesday, May 23

UFO's & WHAT to knit

OK, so i am knitting the Mitered Square purse ..
the math needs tweaking ..
NOT sure if i should proceed OR rip out part of it
it's the uncertainty of how much shrinkage will occur with the yarn ..
NO, felting a swatch isn't always gonna work
it's a EXTREME waste of $$ to felt 1 mitered square in the washer
if i felt it another way, it may not felt the same ..
so, i think i will go BACK to the Felted Argyle bag ..
the Hot Pink ( Fucshia) yarn arrived
thinkin' Entrelac will felt in a similar fashion to the mitered square ...
at least it will be a bettter approximation than felting the square on the stove
so, ITMT, i have 5 sox in my head i wanna do
4 for work and ONE out of some sock yarn i just saw
no details yet .. it stripes .. JUST want to use the yarn
NOT to mention i gotta deside what i am gonna do for the Sept Kit on Whenever
AND i wanna make a stocking or 2 for the stocking exchange
gotta decide WHICH toy pattern i will use for the TOY swap on Knit Exchange ..
then i gotta see IF i have the right yarn to use
have yarn, patterns AND needles for the dishcloths ..
doing a dishcloth exchange on another list

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