Wednesday, May 24

things to do

the toy for
has to be done on June 18

another list has a dishcloth exchange - gotta have them done July 15th

on we will be doing a STOCKING EXCHANGE
won't have to start it till July - but i gotta decide what the Kit i am doing for October will be & get it started

i am on the 5th tier of the Mitered Square bag ..
it's on hold till i finish the Felted Argyle bag ..
gotta see how much Karoake felts ...
do NOT want a bag that is toooo big ..

: (
so, today i run a few errands ..
gotta dye the roots .. need a "Summer" color
then i think i will be spending part of the day @ the race track ..
it's Community Day
not taking knitting, will be too busy wandering around ..

mite pick up a souveneir for the bottle swap partner

gotta remember to mail the postcards i bought for the muchkins last trip

gotta make Nikki & Paige "pink fuzzy purses"
got the yarn, needles & basic idea .. just gotta remember to take them with me

if i had a brain, i'd be dangerous ....

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