Tuesday, May 9


i NEED cotton socks for work
OR i could continue to wear Panty Hose ...

so, i ordered sock yarn ..
it arrived

i WANT to make Debbie Barisa's Felted Argyle Bag
the yarn came in today

i NEED to start the Kit for Whenever
i kinda know what i want to do
i have SOME yarn ... probably should order more ..
JUST in case

i NEED to finish the shawl
should be done in less than 3 hours ...
it's BORING knitting
well, finish this row, Bind off
THEN repeat for the top
i NEED to finish the felted flowers so i can felt them AND the vase
it's nice outside ..
IF i had a lawnchair,
i could go out on the back deck & knit
guess that means, i go to wally-world

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