Friday, November 23

Harvest Sock DONE!!!!!

so, yesterday
the weather was BAD
flight to White Plains was cancelled
spent Wed nite in Atlanta
it was 6? degrees out
when we left
had to passenger to White Plains
so, while i was waiting for the plane
to arrive to take me to White Plains
i took out the knitting
3 Gate Agents told me they want a pair of sox
several passengers ( i don't KNOW) want a pair of sox
anyways, like i said
i got to be a passenger
so we could fly (work) the flight back
got to see YOLANDA!!!!!!
i really miss not seeing her more
than to say hi & bye
yeah, SHE wants a pair of sox too
she wears size 10 shoes
when i asked her what size
another passenger told us about the measuring the arm
trick that Julia Roberts used in "Pretty Woman"
anyways, on the flight
i got to knit
the woman that sat next to me was excited that
i was knitting and she could watch
Yolanda was braggin on me
telling the woman about how great a knitter
i am and the KEWL things i have made
i haven't made HER a pair of sox
so, like i said,
i finished the Harvest Sock for the partner
so, i showed the finished sock to Yolanda
she took it
she played show & tell
showed half a dozen other passengers
what i can do
Yolanda got off the plane in White Plains
we came back to Atlanta
temp dropped to around 50
i started the scarf for ISE 5
the Gate Agents & Customer Service Reps
brought in food and asked us to join them
i ate too much
knit some more on the scarf
it's FUZZY
flew to Chicago where it's 28 degrees
time to crash
maybe knit for a short while
it's 42 at home
will show you a pic when i get home


Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Add me to your list! hahahha

Penny said...

I love anyone who knts me socks since most of those I make I end up giving away.