Thursday, November 8

What Else ... SOX!!

REALLY love this yarn
so much in fact
that i am considering buy a 3rd skein to make
a 3rd pair of Striping
Reverse Fraternal Sox
they feel GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-888888888888888

been knitting sox
currently it's 22 degrees in SUNNY GA
guess i will be needing sox

and the BEST news
been home for 4 day
no allergy/asthma issues
AND i haven't had to take meds

i have been outside running errands
not holed up in the house knitting
people i talk to on the phone
tell me i SOUND happier
others i run into
tell me i LOOK GREAT
they keep asking about the "GUY" in my life
no guy

laundry is done
i am packed
gotta run to put gas in the car before i go to work
got the NEW J D ROBB to read
and another book to read IF i finish the J D ROBB
there is a treadmill at the hotel

so i will be reading on the treadmill
taking the current SIP
about 10 rounds & i can start the heels

Black sox for work
using Lucy Neatby yarn
it's almost 8:30
gotta drink a 2nd cup of tea
eat breakfast
take a shower
and to quote Porter Waggoner
"Do something, even if it's wrong"



Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Those socks are Awesome! Sure hope the pattern becomes available.

Are you thinbking about getting some of your patterns published???

Keep up the great creative work!

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Where can I get some of that yarn? Absolutely "LOVE" it! The pattern and the yarn look awesome together...........