Tuesday, November 20


so last trip was mostly fun
the bag has a broken zipper ( 1 month after gettting it)
the handle broke & about the same time
it's kinda fixed
well ....
the bearings are going in one of the wheels
AND the wheel is cracked
so, i have to buy a temp bag
and send this one in to be fixed
it's 2 1/2 years old
last leg of the trip
caught my hand in the door mechanism
guess WHICH 3 fingers got caught
the longest finger on the right hand
bruised the fingertip
bruised the nail
broke the acrylic on the nail AND the nail underneath
i forgot how much i used that finger
last nite
i wound the yarn for the Harvest Sox
started it
didn't like it
about 1/2 way down the leg
got things to do
like PACK

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