Tuesday, March 11


when i get home from a trip
i want/NEED sleep
Monday i woke up with
a sinus eadache
my eyeballs hurt
slept MOST of the day
so, now it's tuesday
i am awake
i COULD knit
i gotta pack for the pajama pary
missed mon nite knit
gotta find the sinus headache med
so i can get rid of the residual headache
my left eye hurts
forgot the contact check
not making any progress on the sox
since i slept all day
can't find the pattern for the coffee cup sleeve
so i will have to play with that again
forget what needles i used
trying to decide IF i should stay up & knit
or try to sleep some more
SHOULD call the Dr in the morning
get meds to kick this crap so i don't get
too sick to party like it's 1999
yeah ...
i doubdt any of the knitters will be partying
like that
if I drink i can't knit

1 comment:

thanoseid said...

Ma'am, this comment is completely unrelated to this post, but can you please tell me where you found a Shamrock shake? I'm DESPERATE for one here in Atlanta. Thanks!