Saturday, March 1

Girlie Stuff

i don't wear a lt of make-up
i don't do the cleaning, toning & moisturizing
BEFORE i put on foundation
in fact, i don't wear that either
and now i hear i have to get one with
a sunscreen in it
so, i have been told i SHOULD wear make-up
i wear mascara & shadow
so the quandry
what COLOR
what stuff to wear
eyebrow pencil or gel
eye liner - liquid or pencil
lip liner - WHY??
lipstick - the tube or the 12 - 18 hour kind
blush then where does it go
not to mention the correct color of shadow
so, i go to buy stuff
i am confused about ALL the options
now i know why i don't do the girlie stuff

1 comment:

Marigold said...

I don't wear makeup often, but when I do, I keep it very simple. It does make a difference, though, I've gotten comments from people...for foundation, blush, and powder, I stick with Bare Minerals. It's a little more expensive than the drugstore stuff, but it looks wonderful and it's easy. Then, I add on mascara and eyeliner, in a basic dark brown. If I feel special, i add a tinted lipgloss. Presto! All done :)