Wednesday, April 30

the cleanse

so, on Monday
i started the Master Cleanse
you start the day drinking 1 qt warm water
& 2 teaspoons sea salt
i am in the bathroom for 2 hours
i can't consume ANYTHING
not even water
it makes me sick
when i fly,
i am too busy to drink the juice
so i am dehydrating
getting a monster headache
so, day 3
no sea water
drink the juice instead
didn't use the pepper on the plane
i don't drink the juice fast enuff
& it got H O T !!!!!
the work dress is getting looser
so it's a good thing
ears & allergies & sinuses
WERE getting better
till i went to Mexico
been up less than 1 1/2 hours
already halfway thru the
first quart of juice

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