Thursday, April 3


so, last nite
Pam & I cooked dinner
using this recipe we made
pineapple upside-down cake in a cast iron skillet
we omitted the cherries
and used crushed pineapple

Pam made cornbread & apple salad
i made White Chicken Chili
used this recipe as a guideline
i used 3 breasts & 3 thighs
boiled the chicken
chopped up an onion
chopped up the cooked chicken
added the onion & chicken back into the pot
forgot garlic, so i used 2 TBL Garlic Pawder
1 - 7 oz can of chopped chilis
1/2 bottle of pickeled jalepenos - chopped
i used 5 cans of beans
purle hull
& pnito & great northern
used the spices reconmended in the recipe
simmered for an hour or so
the chili wasn't too spicy
however, it's not for breakfast

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