Friday, September 7


got a chance to call Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns
about the designs for the sox

she will send me some Panda Wool so that i can knit
a model of the Lime-Ade sox
that i used for Aug New Yarns pattern
i will send the sock & the pattern back to her

the Nov Kit for Whenever ... AGAIN!!
was gonna be Panda Wool
she asked if i would like to do it in Maizy
OF COURSE i would
so, she is sending me some to knit
a sock out of
i will send the sock & pattern back to her
the colors are BEAUTIFUL
i see 3 or 6 i wouldn't mind using for
sox, scarves, hats,gloves

she is also going to send me a skein of Panda Cotton to play with
there is some
sitting in Indy with the rest of my stuff

when Panda Silk arrives,
she will send me some to play with

i hope i can buy enuff Panda Silk to make a scarf out of
if the partner for ISE5 doesn't want it
i will suffer & keep it for myself
off to run a few errands
then i can finish the Friendship Sox
Deb is currently ahead
also gotta do laundry & clean
the room & bathroom today
but, the sox NEED to be finished tomoro
so i can start the STOCK for OCT Whenever ... AGAIN!!!

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