Monday, September 17

STOCK done - well not quite

foot doesn't look right
so i frogged
now to get the time to reknit & felt

last year, i used 2 skeins Paton's & Cascade 220
this year
i am using Riverstone
it only has 187 yards
so i am having to use a 3rd skein
last year i used # 9 circ
this year is a # 11
tryin' to figure out the snowchild
last year i used Sulky Filament to knit with the
white yarn
i tried a DMC
i don't like it
so since i have to frog the snowchild
to get the numbers correct
i will reknit it with the Sulky
more beads this year to look like MORE snow
hole in the middle of the beading is
where the snowchild will go

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