Tuesday, September 4


Peach is for Deb
Pink is for MOI!!!
when we are both done knitting
we swap the sox
and both end up with a pair
oh yeah
like you already figured out
the pattern is mine
recycled the 2nd time
this sock pattern was created in
Summer of 2003
using Cotton Fine & it had
an Afterthought Heel.
It was called Airy Ankle Skimmers
Changes were made Fall 2003 when it became a full
legnth sock and was called Peek-a-Boo
The sock pattern was changed again
in Feb 2007, to include a traditional heel
and 2 sox on 2 circs directions
for the Deb Brown for ITE 3

1 comment:

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Those are both nice colors....

I'm still trying to get the ML down!

Congrats Deb on learning the 2s2c!
Of course you had a "GREAT" teacher!