Wednesday, October 10


Nancy called me to tell me
the yarn for the sox that she dyed
is drying
it should be here on Mon
which means the scarf yarn should be here Mon

bought a skein of Black Bulky Brown Sheep
say that 3 times
so now i can finish the shawl
i think i have 3 more rows to the pattern
then, i will add a few rows of garter
then it will be DONE!!!!
gotta look for a larger needle to do the bind off

while i was at the yarn shop to teach Carol 2 sox - 2 circs
i saw the NEW Bulky Brown Sheep
it's multi colored
don't know if it stripes
the new colors are NOT on the website
Pat told me Deb had been in an hour before
& she bought the PINK one

i told her i wasn't buying ANY new yarn till
i finished a few projects
namely -
1) Fall Felted Bag
2) Harvest Sox
3) Scarf

so, will be taking the embellishments with me
to work on this weekend
AND the pink sox for MOI!!

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Dorothy said...

Good luck finishing your projects!