Wednesday, October 3

Brayden's sox

well ..
today on the way to the Aquarium
i cast on a pair of sox
for Brayden
out of leftover Regia Bamboo
same pattern - different numbers
i have just finished the gusset decreases
i have 25 rows to the toes
so, i am gonna crash

had FUN @ the Aquarium
wish i felt better
left ear hurts
getting a HEADACHE
took a nap when we got from the Aquarium
before dinner
been up about 5 hours
need another nap
i LIKE the feel of the Regia
but it's a PAIN to work with
in low light since i am half blind
wonder if ALL the colors have the white fiber
running thru the skein
it would be easier to knit with IF it were
a solid color
will post a pic tomoro
after i finish the sox

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