Wednesday, October 10

Growin' OLD

as IF allergies & sinus issues aren't enuff

i have been having HOT FLASHES for
about a year & half (almost 2 years) now

they are extremly annoying
i thought as we headed into fall
they would subside - they didn't last year
they aren't goin' away now

i don't sleep as well as i should
which makes me Cranky & Irritable sometimes

so, it's off to the doc i go

i am at the "AGE of Testing"

have to have a
1) colorectal - need someone to drive me
can't drive for 24 hours after

2) bone density scan

3) mammogram

4) bladder evaluation

now i know why i don't visit doctors

was also told
1) 2 cups of yogurt/milk daily OR take calcium
2) WALK (preferably outside) daily
3) cut out the Fried foods / bread
4) take some "ME" time
imagine being TOLD to knit

yeah .. EAT BETTER & exercise

i already know my cholesterol is TOO HIGH!!!
the doc put me on meds
AND i was told
yeah i know
cut out fried foods
cut out red meat
eat oatmeal daily

oh well ....
did it last year
lost 20 pounds in 2 months
FELT better - still had the "PERSONAL SUMMERS"

bought vitamins
will try to remember to take them too

gotta pack
leave for work in 14 hours

headache is mostly gone
pressure in the ears has subsided

and people KEEP telling me i look tired
maybe 'cause i am NOT sleeping lately
almost fell asleep while getting the nails done

meant to take a pic
they are FINALLY all mine
with an acrylic overlay


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Sharon Rose said...

Have you tried acupuncture for the menopause? It can be awesome - nourish the yin, clear the excess yang, the hot flashes decrease!