Wednesday, October 10

2 sox - 2 circs

so, sat Deb helped me teach some knitters
how to knit 2 sox on 2 circs

we learned
Addi Lace (red cable - gold points)
and Addi Turbo (silver cable & point)
make it easier to tell which needle to work with
you CAN see the difference

also was told 32" is BETTER for adult sox
than 24" is

like Deb, a few of the knitters said
that 2 different colored yarns make it
easier to tell which sock you are working on

since Deb had recently learned it for herself
it was easier for her to understand some of
the issues the knitters were facing

i taught Carol (LYS store owner) & Jenny ( i think)
the 2 sox - 2 circs methods
they have both knit sox before
they both got the hang of it

the tutorial is at

thanx Deb

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