Tuesday, February 26

had FUN this past weekend

i have flowen with both pilots before
will fly with Adam on Fri to Mexico
Sue was FUN!!!!
she is here on Thur & Fri
so, i will start to teach her to
knit 2 sox- 2 circs
she is a BLAST to work with
i want to work out
she wouldn't let me drink pop
we did hit the treadmill
and talked about knitting, sewing, crocheting
crafting in general
her family
i had SSSOOOO much FUN flying with her
she made a list of what i have to do
while i am off
her friends call her "MAMA SMURF"
she is such a mom
but in a GOOD way
she told me she will try to bifd to fly
with me in April
we could be dangerous together

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