Wednesday, February 27

too many things to do, not ENUFF time

you know how it goes
you have a LONG to do list
some things get done fast
others at a snails pace

well ...
the handle of the rollerboard broke
i could still use it
the wheel broke
since i wasn't sure where to go to
get it fixed
i bought a cheapy @ walmart
i went to Hapeville
to get new wheels
tomoro or in a day or 3
i will go to Fayetteville
to get the handle fixed
had i known that someone in Fayetteville
could fix it
i would have had it fixed
it's easier to pay someone to fix things
so i can accomplish something else

gotta take the uniform in
to be altered
it's too tight
hopin' she can let it out an inch or so
re-attach the buttons
fix the hem (maybe shorten it an inch or so)
saw some shoes in Hapeville
do i NEED new shoes
will they hurt my feet
they ARE Dansko
the list of things to do isn't getting any shorter
i keep finding things that need done
if i stay home for a month
will i get ALL Caught Up??
do i really want to get caught up

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