Monday, July 21

MOSTLY fun weekend

Pam, Bob, another friend & I went
played Glo-in-the-Dark Miniature Golf
18 holes - i WON!!
then we went & played one game of
Cosmic Bowling
arm is sore today

followed by
Mama Mia
great movie
lousy date
first time i considered getting
up & leaving during the date

took the knitting with me for the car ride
went to church, Pam, Bob, Pam's mom (NANA) & son
took it inside & sat it on the pew next to me
NO, i didn't knit
i wanted the blanket to be "BLESSED" with good
thoughts & prayers
then we went to lunch
went back to NANA's
had dessert
Pam's sister came over & we played
GIANT SPOONS - didn't loose
i don't multitask well
has a BLAST!!

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