Sunday, July 13

Rutger Hauer

so, YEARS ago
i saw a movie called "Soldier of Orange" - it had the bad guy from " The Fugitive"
it had a young Rutger Hauer in it
i FELL IN LOVE with Rutger while watching it
over the years i have watched Rutger in many movies
(not necessarily in this order)
Chanel Solitaire (w Timothy Dalton)
Night Hawk ( with Stallone - i rooted for Rutger = also had Lindsey Wagner, Billie Dee Williams & Persis Kumbata )
LadyHawk ( w/ Michelle Pfeifer & Matthew Broderick)
Osterman Weekend (LOTS of people)
HITCHER - (scared the life out of me - LOVED it)
Escape from Sorbibor (have the DVD - Alan Arkin)
Blind Fury - (ONE of my FAVS )
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Surviving the Game (gary Busey, Ice-T, guy from Amedeus)
Bone Daddy ( rented it to watch with Brian & Pam)
MERLIN - (have the DVD & Sequel)
10th Kingdom - (Fairy Tail characters come to NYC -have it on VHS & the book)
Wanted Dead or Alive (with Gene Simmons)
Sin City
Batman Begins

something with Rebecca DeMorney - can't remember the title
and who can forget
my all time favorite movie

it also stars Harrison Ford
but i rooted for Roy Batty
i also read the Blade Runner books later
well ... one day i was at the book store
and i see Roy Batty on the cover of a book
it's called "All Those Moments"
it's an autobiography of Rutger Hauer
it was a pleasant & quick read
it was fun to read a behind the look
there were several movies i didn't get to watch
as well as some he didn't mention
to find out about his entire list of accomplishments
go to

now i have a list of movies to watch


Diana said...


You have very good taste - they are all good films.

I have a website dedicated to Rutger and some of his co stars

Have a look around if you like.

Best wishes

Diana said...


The film with Rebecca De Mornay is 'Blindside' - now this is a very good film.

Best Wishes