Sunday, July 13


so, i have been having problems with my phone
since about Jan
i HAVE complained
i call customer service
they tell me to take it to a sprint store
to get it replaced
the people at the sprint store
tell me i have to duplicate the problem
well ..
since the problem is sporadic
i can NOT duplicate it
they tell me to come back later

so i call customer service & tech support back
the phone hangs up
that is PART of the problem
in March, Sue gives me some advice
it works marginally better
i STILL complain to the sprint people
it is NOW June
i go to a DIFFERENT sprint store in Newnan
she orders a REPLACEMENT phone
however, there is a mix-up
the phone gets sent to Fayettville
but i get the replacement phone
i go home
i sync the phone
bluetooth doesn't work / GPS does
hotmail works / sprintpcs doesn't
KEYBOARD is whack
wait 3 days to go BACK to Fayetteville
another replacement is ordered
so, HOPEFULLY on tue
i will have a phone that works 100%

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