Sunday, July 13

been havin' fun at work

so, in July
i am doing DAY trips
i sleep in my bed every nite

i have had (MOSTLY) a blast with the crew
FA =
Steve (every wed ) Caryn ( i think i get to fly with her 3 more times),
Gabbie ( i get to fly with her again the 25th)
Antione & Kim

it's FUN to go to work
the days pass
Cpt Jay is a blast to work with
worked with him 3 day last week
he has a (similar to me) warped sense of humor
Happy Birthday Jay
he is on vacation next week, so i won't be laughing as much
but i will get to fly with him on MY birthday
get to fly w/Cpt Darien & AnnElizabeth & Joe
all fun to fly with
FO = Antonio, Juan & Adria
July has been & will continue to be a FUN month

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