Saturday, June 17

i LOVE this book

Nicky Epstein's Fabulous Felted Bags

you can open a link to see what's inside

Chris wants to make the Bjork bag
it reminds us of the dress that the singer Bjork wore at
some award show ages ago
Nicky calls the bag S'wanderful ..
so we are considering a KAL on

there are a BUNCH of the bags i wanna make ....
1) Fuschias - i WILL be making this bag eventually
it takes 13 skeins of yarn that runs about $5 / skein
2) Parrot Carpet Bag - 15 colors of DK plus the 12 skeins of black
means about $135 for the yarn (knit intarsia)
3) Flapper ( in a different color scheme)
4) Cat and Mouse
5) Wisteria ..
6) Purple Roses - i would do a different color scheme
7) Abbondanza - 8 skeins for embellishments, 11 skeins for purse
purse knit in solid color then the embellsihments are knit and attached ..
and on
someone wants to make Beverly Hills Carpet Bag
no pic yet, but sounds like a bag i will HAFTA make ..
need to run errands & pay bills ...

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