Saturday, June 17

well ... it happened AGAIN

i KNOW what i want to do for the Oct kit
the toy will hafta wait ..

so, i am looking for notes
and i FIND some notes that will work for the basic concept
AND i find the graph i need ...
so, life is good
go into the yarn room
pick a yarn .. wind it
lights go out .. but they come back on
go find MORE notes ... LOSE the graph
spend 25 minutes looking for it
lites going on & off ...
it's a GREAT storm ..
anyways ..
better finish packing BEFORE the lights go out again
all i need is KNITTING STUFF
don't want to be stuck,
sitting on the floor waiting for the lights to come back on
so, i go in search of needles
and then i find paper on the floor by the yarn bins
do NOT know how the graph ended up there
need sleep
gotta get up in 4 hours ..
tomoro is a LONG ( 12 hour) day -
5:15 AM - 5:53PM
hopin the storms pass .. it COULD go longer ...
would mean NO knitting

i KEEP loosing stuff ...
think i lost my mind ...
haven't really missed it yet ...

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