Monday, June 12

checkin' in ... catchin' up

my oldest nephew got married this weekend, so i headed north on fri
SHOULD have taken the shawl i knit a while back
it was cool for June
took the bag i am knitting .. would have finished it if i hadn't made a minor mistake ..
th lighting in the church made reading difficult ...
guess maybe, i was a bit tired as well ..
but JUST in case, i brought a baby afghan to work on ..

Lorna's Laces Happy Valley( i think)
could NOT figure out what i had done and so .. due to the low lighting
instead of ripping what i had done, i started a diagonal dishcloth ..
i am on the 3rd skein of the afghan now
( well minus what i used on the FIRST afghan)
my neice ( the groom's sister) pointed out i owe
her TWO blankets for her kids ..
yup, i KNOW
the groom's cousin is ALSO pregnant, she is expecting a girl
so, i ended up staying till this morning instead of the planned

return home yesterday afternoon
it was GREAT to see my brother & his kids & GrandKids
so, i go to the post office today and i have a package to pick up

while i am waiting in line, i filled out the notice for Jury Duty in Fort Wayne ..
should NOT have to go since i live in Indy .. but you NEVER know ..
got home, put laundry in ..

gotta get the bag packed to go again on Thur ..
know who i will be working with .. she is FUN!!
hopin' we can figure something to do in Herndon .. i COULD knit ..
so, now i open the box from chappy which contain

the sock blockers i ordered AND some more stitch markers ...
washer stopped ..
time for softener ..

getting off to work on the bag ...
bought the yarn for the top stitching today ..
it's kinda textured & it's varigated ..
NOT what i went in the LYS for
but WILL look fabulous none the less ...

THREE more loads of laundry and i can PLAY
or nap ..
my brother has the CUTEST puppy
she is a Chesapeake Retreiver
but she whines @ nite ..
didn't sleep as good as i would have liked last nite ..
KEWL!! washer is done ..
can thr the clothes in the dryer & hang up the shirts ..

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