Tuesday, June 6

MORE i wanna do ..

on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Bag-A-Holic/ someone wanted a miser bag
Judith Prindle created a crocheted one here
thinkin' it shouldn't be ttooo hard to figure a knit one
use it INSTEAD of a coin purse
LIKE i need something else to do ..
hopin' i finish the Argyle Bag soon ..
then i can start the toy for
gotta look for the baby blanket ..
takin' it with me to the wedding to work on ..
i got an idea floating in my brain for the OCT KIT for
now i gotta figure what yarn to use
and find a vendor that will be able to supply the yarn WHEN i need it
it's about quarter till noon ..
gonna finish the tier BEFORE i go do something ...
gotta go to the grocery .. OR i hafta cook ...
tired of burning dinner / lunch ...

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