Wednesday, June 21


i can't show you WHAT i have been knitting ...
it's a SECRET ...

heard you can get buttons for some of the Yahoo Groups ..
wonder where i get them, how do i install them ...

sounds like the washer has quit,
gotta go thro the softener in ..
but the dryer is STILL running

maybe, i can get packed BEFORE it's 11PM tomoro ..
it COULD happen..

anyways ... i am gonna go work on the SURPRISE ..
wanna knit ...

ordered the pattern for this

It's the Beverly Hills Carpet Bag
by Suzanne
ordered it from
Heritage Spinning and Weaving
Price of the Pattern? $12.50 +,$1.50 S&H

it takes 12 skeins Lamb's Pride + 4 skeins Lamb's Pride for the straps
the flowers take MORE yarn .. i have yarn
will do mine in some other color than black
STILL want to do the Mary Poppins bag

yeah, yeah, yeah ..

i HAVE plenty to do ...


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