Thursday, July 6

OK, so it's done

finished the face on July5th
it measures 30" tip of tail to top of head
it stands about 16" high

i ran out of the gold rush before i got to the extremities

thinkin' i NEED to re-knit them WITH the gold rush

that means, disassemble, reknit- re-assemble

i would be happier with it ..
will take the yarn & needles with me on tues

think it needs Dolls Eyes too ..
going to Michael's to see IF i can find them ..
otherwise, i head to Hobby Lobby on 38th street

thinkin' i need to do something about the wings ..
they are floppy ..

NANCY said i could add wire, then i could FORM them

i COULD felt the entire thing a little
it would gain stability ....
i would be happier with it ( i think)
i HATE to give an inferior product away as a gift ..

i NEED one for MOI!!!!

you SHOULD have seen the look of Flight Crew members & passengers
as i carried this thing thru Dulles, O'Hare & Indy
the CPT called it the "SKY LIZARD"

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