Monday, July 3


running low on yarn for current KIP
to be on the SAFE side,
i bought more yarn

anyways, the PLAN is to finish it
while i am in HERNDON tomoro
thinkin' i will NEED one for me
thinkin' Rowan BIG WOOL
after, 4 Christmas Stocking for great-munchkins
1 for ME ( OCT KIT)
2 baby blankets
a Purse KAL - Nicky Epstein's S'wanderful
nicknamed Bjork by Chris Coghill
the Beverly Hills Carpet Bag AND the Mary Poppins Carpet Bag
no, i do NOT need them, but i REALLY want to make them
also saw one that comes from the Spring '06 Interweave Knits
think it's called Wobbly Circles ..
gotta find the pattern ...

found out today
instead of milk, you can add YOGURT to mac & cheese
use 2 times the amount of milk called for
tastes BETTER!!!!!!!
gas prices fluctuate between $2.77 & $2.99 / gal
i KNOW it's H O T in indy today
supposed to cool down soon ..

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