Thursday, July 13


a pilot asked what i was working on ..
it's hard to tell from the piece i was knitting
the FA i was with when i was working on the toy
saw me STILL working on it & wants to see the completed pic
snother pilot asked IF i would make one for someone else ..
told him AFTER i get everything else done i HAVE to do
what i HAVE to knit ( by choice)
finish the baby afghan by AUG 31
make a 2nd baby afghan - needs to be in the mail Aug 1st
Stocking & Sox for Whenever Oct Kit - Aug 25th
PURSE to match - same time frame
Dishcloths for an exchange - gotta mail them WED 19th ( have 4 or 5 already)
re-assemble the TOY - prepare to mail it July 27
4 Christmas Stocking for munchkins - want them done before Halloween
possible 3rd baby afghan ( heard another family member is gonna be a parent)
Pink Fuzzy purse for Nikki & Paige by Paige's birthday in October
what i WANT to knit ( for Moi!!!)
small dragon
Bjork purse ( gotta get the yarn for KAL on
pattern by Nicky Epstein in her book = S'wanderful
Mary Poppins Carpet Bag
it's REALLY called the Get Away Satchel -
pattern in Interweave Knits Fall 2005
there is a KAL for it ..
i'll buy the yarn, it's Lamb's Pride, i WILL use the leftovers
English Garden Carpet Bag
Beverly Hills Carpet Bag - have my pattern
pop tab purse
chain mail purse
cotton sox for work
several sock kits
ALSO, in Nicky Epsteins' book -
she uses Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran
i wanna make
1)Fuschias - i WILL be making this bag eventually
2)Parrot Carpet Bag -
3)Flapper ( in a different color scheme)
4)Cat and Mouse
6) Purple Roses - i would do a different color scheme
what i NEED to finish
mitered square purse out of Karaoke
mitered purse to match shawl
mitered baby afghan
i am SURE there are more UFO's around if i look


Jen said...

I think my list is about as long as your is too :)

Anonymous said...

Here are some links that I believe will be interested