Saturday, July 29


i was doing the beverage service
when i was done, i was waiting on the co-worker
so, i took the pop tabs off the cans i had
later, a hottie in the aisle, handed me the tab off HIS beverage can
said he noticed me keeping the ones off the cans
asked WHAT i was saving them for
so i told him i was recycling them into a purse
several women on the plane asked IF i had one with me
told them all they had to google POP TAB PURSES
yeah, i KNOW
flight crews wanna see the purse too
hopin' after i am done with DRACO,
i can make a purse or 3 ..
depending on how many pop tabs i have
gotta go work off breakfast, then i will probably go back to the room & knit
maybe i'll drag the other FA out of bed to go wander outside ..

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