Sunday, July 23

THIS weekend

goin' back to Austin

will remember my cell so i can take pic

got knitting & i-pod

not taking DVD player .. i prefer listening to music

knitting doesn't take up that much room,
so the bag SHOULD be light to carry
bringin' a book to read, JUST in case

the plan is to do the river walk on mon afternoon
walk into Austin & get lunch
hopin' it's NOT as hot as it was LAST mon ..

should be able to make progress on DRACO

altho, co-workers want to see the Pop-Tab purse ..
too many of them have seen me collecting
the tabs & want to see the end product
will have to decide which style i am doing FIRST
gotta sort AND count them first to see how many i have
as opposed to how many i NEED per purse

gotta find the sewing machine & see IF it still works ..

gotta fly

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