Friday, August 4

pop tab purse

well it started with "DEBBIE the TEMPTRESS"
showing me

i thought it looked KEWL!!!!
decided i wanted one for me ..
the Chain Mail one ...
so, i strarted collecting the tabs ..
in NO time, i got a bowlfull
but i KEPT on collecting 'cause i didn't know how
many i needed for the purse
my fellow Flight Attendants, helped me to harvest some of the tops .. i have been collecting them prior to Memorial Day .. i run into someone i have worked with & they want to see the purse .. also, a few people i have NOT worked with want to see it .. word gets around
there are 2 types of tabs .. i have been collecting them BOTH
- the square ones are less plentiful

in JULY, i did some research to determine HOW to assemble them ..
i wanna make one of these
this is crocheted
BUT, this is the one i will do FIRST
first, i gotta wash the tabs
gonna boil them
sort thru for the same shape,
THEN, you line them up
NOW, i gotta buy ribbon to assemble
headin to the fabric store
not sure how WIDE or how much i need
hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. i COULD use a Fru-Fru yarn
gonna start with ribbon
i can ALWAYS make another purse
will boil them when i get home
i can take them with me when i fly on SUN
hhhmmmm ... NO matter what color i choose,
it WON'T be compliant to carry at work .. i COULD buy fabric to line it AND strip the fabric to weave the tabs with

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