Sunday, August 6

OK, i need a NO-Brainer to knit

my brain is on overload ..
i need something to knit that doesn't tax the brain
OTOH, i don't want BORING
so, i found a UFO
it's from Crystal Palace Yarns
it's 90% Merino / 10% Acrylic
color # 62 ( i think it's called Clover)
it's the Merino Stripes i used to make the Mitered Square Shawl
pic of shawl is Wed MAY 10
i started the purse on Thur May 11
after i got done that nite, i put it aside

using a pattern in Knitter's Summer 2002
making a Mitered Purse
it's called On Pointe Mitered Handbag
it SHOULD felt ok

since i ran out of yarn for the front of the bag,
and i want the integretity of the color changes to maintain,
i cast on the back on Fri
i will match up the yarn later
this will be a no brainer ..
using a # 10 CIRC
i am MOSTLY packed to go
just gotta put the knitting in
leave in 2 hours

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