Friday, August 4


figure i need 6 OR 7 spoos of ribbon
the problem

i got 3 from wally-world
used 1 ..
it's small dots

i got 5 @ JoAnne's
3 are one dye lot
2 are another
so, i hafta go to a JoAnne's get more ...

NEED them all to be the same for the front
SO, i can get 2 off the 1 & 1 of the other ...
the back & front of the purse will vary a little ...

gonna use BLACK for the strap

gonna see IF i can find HOT PINK as long as i am looking
can make a coin purse / cell phone holder / make up bag

anyways, it will be relatively easy to rip the 1st & 3rd rows
& replace the ribbon ...

just not the way i want to spend my day off
runnin' errands ...
i wanna finish felting DRACO ...
then i can assemble hime
he can FLY on Sun ..

anyways ..
i'm gonna go to bed
it's almost tomoro

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