Thursday, August 30

almost ready to go to work

so, i adjusted the roots
i keep trying browns,

but the hair doesn't comply
it went red again
not LUCY red, but still red

the nails have finally grown out
had the tech NOT put white tips
i wouldn't HAVE to wear polish
but, i still have to polish my nails tonite
the red was showing signs of wear at both ends

i AM packed .. well almost
yeah i know
it's NOT 10 PM yet
i am only gone for 1 nite
get to DC tomoro about 3 PM
so, it's doubdtful that i will finish the heel
do a turn
pick-up & decrease my gussets
AND knit the foot & toe
all before i fly again on Sat at 6 AM
however, i am inclined to take a 2nd project with me
JUST in case mother nature interferes with flight plans
i COULD get stuck somewhere

off to polish the nails and get SOME sleep
gotta get up at 3 am
then i pack the cooler
maybe I'll be able to do something with the hair in
the morning

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Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Have a Good flight!