Tuesday, August 28

so, today is TUES

Nancy has bronchitis & sounds horrible
i feel for her

i called her about the yarn for the Oct STOCK
for Whenever ... again

we got that resolved
she will be mailing yarn
to me
before that,
i was wandering around Hobby Lobby today
got the idea for the 2008 STOCK

leave it to me to be working on more than one thing in my head

workin' on TWO pair of sox
the striping ones, i don't like
i know what i WANT them to look like
so it's off to the frog pond i go with them
but i know how to FIX them so i will be happy with them
i will work on the Nov sox for Whenever ... Again
and in my head, i see a felted bag
wondering what the partner for Fall Felted Bag wants
off to do laundry
work on the pattern for the New Yarns Stock
then knit

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