Tuesday, August 28

Cathy likes to

I was reading Penny's blog and found this. You can do it also. You go to Google and type in "Cathy likes to" (but you use your own name and include the quotation marks) and you paste 10 things that show up. Here is what I found:

1) Cathy likes to participate in any project, so long as she gets to talk.

2) Cathy likes to wear blue jeans

3) Cathy likes to spend time outdoors

4) Cathy likes to joke

5) Cathy likes to take on projects and see them through to the end

6) Cathy likes to keep things light, simple, direct, and get the job done, and believes everything is fixable

7) In her free time, Cathy likes to read, do needlework, collect Disney memorabilia, play racquetball and tennis

8) Cathy likes to focus on gentle motivation and encouragement towards fitness goals.

9) Cathy likes to find places a little off the beaten path

10) Cathy likes to keep a low profile

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