Sunday, August 26


so, i have had fun this weekend
i am off till thur
got some knitting done
i have an idea for the Stock for
Whenever .. AGAIN in Oct
gotta finish the cotton sox before i finish the
sox for Whenever .. AGAIN for Nov
i teached Deb to do 2 sox on 2 circs
we are doing "Friendship SOX"
she is knitting one pink (for me) & i peach (for her)
after she has established the gauge
i will knit one of each
when we are done knitting
i will exchange the peach one for the pink one
we will both have a PAIR of sox
it was her idea
it's MY pattern
she is catching on with the 2s2c really FAST!!!!
that's alot of designing
that i will be doing in the next few months
i did the Aug Lime-Ade Sox
& the Oct STOCK
& the Dec SeaWool Sox
i will be doing
a STOCK for Oct
& I am working on Sox for Nov
almost done with Cotton Rainbow Sherbert Sox
they are for ME, not a group
HEY ...
i even twisted Deb's arm
she is doing at least one pattern
for New Yarns AND a Pair of Socks for Whenever .. AGAIN
also got Kathy & Chappy to design socks for Whenever .. AGAIN
getting offline to finish the toes
on the Rainbow Sherbert Sox
will post a pic later
will post a progress pic of Deb's 2s2c tomoro

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