Friday, August 17

i DON'T beleive it

so, i am using the new
as in less than 12 hours old
Susan Bates circ
the same thing happened
the blasted cable, disconnected from the needle
so, i am hopin' that Nancy has size 17
i really would love an addi with a normal cable
or a Clover Bamboo
i wonder IF i can superglue the cable into the needle
i would LOVE to finish the bag
i could design another pair of sox
i have cotton yarn
i have Regia Bamboo
i could knit sox
i WANT to finish the bag
guess the Knitting Gods don't want me
to work on the bag
i need a 17
no one carries one that size

1 comment:

Jane said...

Ohhh - to bad about the cable breakking off. Can't wait to see your finished bag.