Tuesday, August 18

And so,

STILL dealing with health issues.  Supposedly,  they should have disappeared when I quit flying, almost a year ago.

2 weeks ago, went to a PULMONARY dr who feels it's NOT a recurring issue, but an unresolved issue. I've been saying that for YEARS!!!

Xopenex & Singulair was augmented with Advair disk. Then, Cipro & Prednisone were added AND a NEBULIZOR!!!

The left lung doesn't hurt as bad.
Coughing occasionally,  but not barking like a seal.
Still don't sleep well at night.
CT SCAN of lungs & blood workup today, follow up Thur.
See an ENT on Sat, tubes fell out & both ears hurt, Sinus pain & pressure.

Starting to have as many good days as bad.

On a good note, passed the yearly spot check, NO BAD MOLES!!!

Don't have to have a colonoscopy till 2019.

Had energy earlier, got some Domestic Goddess stuff done. I DESERVE cookies.
Too bad I haven't made any.

Can't decide if I wanna hang w/ Gibbs and the gang on Netflix or take a nap.

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