Monday, August 31

as August comes to an end ....

I have a BUNCH of UFO's & WIP's that need to be finished,
 maybe I'll finish a few before I get bored and start something new

  1. Tony's 2nd bear
  2. Tony's 1st bear
  3. Caramel
  4. Vanilla
  5. Gracie's Wabbitt
  6. Mariah's Wabbitt
  7. Brayden's Wabbitt
  8. Jameson's Wabbitt
  9. Jaxson's Wabbitt
  10. Emmy's Wabbitt
  11. Mini Baby Dragon     
  12. Drake, the Castle Guard
  13. ColorWul Rug ~ need to buy MORE yarn
  14. 2nd rug ~ also need MORE YARN
  15. hat ~ need to rip back before the decreases

went to Monroe Mi & I THINK I got the parts to finish da Minions' Wascally Wabbitts

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