Saturday, August 29


In jan, I quit getting gel nails & switched to IBX & gel polish, it made my nails grow.
Discovered that equal parts of gel top coat & polish makes my polish into GEL polish. Yeah, I can use my collection of colors.

Haven't had the nails done since around Easter = hand surgery / move to Michigan. 😯
Can't find a nail tech that does gel nails, so just letting the nails do their thing.
Today, I was bored, so I decided to polish the nails. Can't find
1)Not a Waitress
2)Pompeii Purple
3)Solar Changing
4)Thanks so Muchness, from the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection
So I settled for I Don't do Dishes.
NEED to find a nail tech, I did a LOUSY job of polishing the right hand

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