Friday, September 22

SO ..

i frogged
now i am re-knitting
i LIKE it

i really would like to finish it
altho, it won't go with me this weekend
as it is TTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOO big to carry in the bag
would take up TTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOO much room
working on the snow child graph
gonna take yarn to start one this weekend
have Older Brother's Grandchild
Younger Brother's 2 3/4 Grandchildren
Friend's Daughter & Son
figured if i make one for Paige
i can whip up a matching one for her Older brother
gotta embellish MY stocking
just need to TAKE the time to do it
got tooo many things i NEED to do
rarley get enuff done when i AM home
forgot to start the laundry
NEED to find jeans that fit
EVEN if it means buying a pair
i am down to 175
i COULD wait a week or so
hopin' i get to go to Brown County in a few weeks
get to fly with Kara & Ellen this weekend
next weekend
i am off
mite go to Fort Wayne to see Nikki, Paige Miles
i could go to Peru to see the Munchkins
hand deliver the postcards i forgot to mail
getting OFFline to get things accomplished

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