Friday, September 29

what i learned

sometimes, ya can't MIX yarns

it's NOT a good idea to fair-isle a name or word
IF i wanna put names on Stockings
use a separate strand for E A C H letter
OR figure a way to knit the alphabet
will work on it

anyways ..

if you knit in the round you get a different gauge
than you do if you knit & purl FLAT

when i Knit TURN Purl a round
to do Intarsia in Circular knitting
the gauge doesn't change THAT much
hhhhmmmmmm ... BIZARRE

anyways ..
the bag is drying
i LIKE it
want one for MOI
maybe even in Pink

i know what NOT to do for the
Munchkin Stockings
anyways ...
the 2nd stocking for the stocking swap
have decided to FROG it
NOT happy with the way it is coming out
but i will like it WHEN it's done
talked to Nancy to explain what i WANT to do
she says it's doable
: )

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